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颈肩痛 Neck & Shoulder Pain

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

林女士,她患有颈部肌纤维织炎及周边神经线受压(颈肩痛)。 她总是抱怨左肩疼痛,双手麻痹和颈部僵硬导致脖子无法左右正常旋转。 在JW运动康复物理治疗中心后进行了7次治疗。 林女士恢复得非常好及颈部恢复自在活动,不感疼痛。

Madam LIM, she’s having fibromyalgia, chronic nerve compression on neck and shoulder pain. She always complaint left shoulder pain, numbness on both hand and her neck not able to turning fully. After 7 sessions of treatment at JW Sports & Physiotherapy. Madam LIM had recovered well and her neck able to turn fully and not feeling pain anymore.

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