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Stroke Rehabilitation recover after 2 months

MDM CHEAH 来到我们中心的时候已经是中风2个月。她被诊断为右半身轻瘫没力,右上肢协调性比较差,动态平衡能力还不错。

由于工作的关系所以没有和家人一起住, 所以她的治疗目标是可以独立的继续自己的日常活动。除此之外,她也希望回到以前的工作岗位。



Madam Cheah comes to our centre after 2 months stroke. She is diagnosed with right hemiparesis with poor coordination at her right upper limb and moderate dynamic balance.

As she is staying far from her family, her goal of the treatment is to back to her life and continuous her daily activity independently. Besides that, she also hopes to back to work like previously.

So, throughout the treatment, we not only focusing on her right upper and lower limb strength and stabilization, we also train her dynamic balance in functional way. With the guidance and her self-effort, she now even can write with her right hand and back to work.

This epidemic had let us know the importance of health. All people is advise to do medical check-up regularly, take medicine on time and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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