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Meet JW Team

Julia Wong.jpeg

Julia Wong is the founder of JW Sports & Physiotherapy  she is  also Malaysia ex-national badminton women single player. Julia won the 1st Commonwealth Team Event Gold medal in 2006 in Melbourne and she was the national women single champion in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Julia represent Malaysia in several international events such as the All-England, Uber cup, Sudirman Cup, Sea Game, Asian Game and Commonwealth Games.

In 2009, Julia had injured during the Sudirman Cup and undergo the major reconstruction surgery for her knee. Julia had undergone 3 times surgery on her both knees. She had gone through the most tough process and realise that physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation is very important to help her return to her sports career.

In year 2012 Julia undergo her 3rd surgery and decided to quit the badminton career therefore she started her rehabilitation trainer career with her surgeon in Kuala Lumpur. After 3 years,  she decided to open her own sports physiotherapy centre in Johor Bahru. She believes through physiotherapy and rehabilitation can deliver the message of prevention better than cure.

Jennie Law.jpg

Jennie Law

Bachelor of Sciences in

Physiotherapy Sciences

Jennie come to us after she involved in Neuro-rehabilitation for the past 3 years. She graduated from the Northumbria University. Jennie was fully certified under the Malaysia Physiotherapy Association (MPA).

Jennie’s post-graduate studies have led to her developing variety of treatment technique including Trigger Point Dry Needling Application for Pain Management and Sports Injuries, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization According to Kolar- Skill Course (Scoliosis), Rocktape Kinesiology Taping course.  


Kai Xin

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)

Dry Needling Certified Practitioner

Kai Xin graduated from MAHSA UNIVERSITY and obtained a BSC (Hons) in Physiotherapy. 

She obtained experiences at various government and private set up hospital includes Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), Hospital Melaka, Tung Shin Hospital and Regen Rehabilitation Hospital. She grew her passion in musculoskeletal therapy and sports rehabilitation after she exposed to different discipline during her journey of study. 

She believes that finding the source of the problem is the key to develop effective treatment for an individual. She also emphasizes patient’s education to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Nur Laila Najwa

Diploma in Physiotherapy

Laila freshly graduated from UniKL Royal College of Medicine Perak (RCMP) and obtained a Diploma in Physiotherapy.

She obtained experiences at various government hospitals, private hospitals, private centres and sports centers like MSN Perak. She experiences in handling athletes, musculoskeletal case and cardiorespiratory case.

She responsibility to help her patient to improve their condition and will secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilise her training and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of the patient recovery.

JW'S Story 

JW Sports Physiotherapy provides treatment and consultation for people experiencing all types of injuries. JW comprehensive method of one on one care combines manual therapy, education, exercise, and modalities. Our treatments are sought by a broad range of patients, including those recovering from acute injuries, those managing chronic conditions, stroke , joint pain. and post-operative rehabilitation. We partner with each patient to achieve optimal performance through a personalized plan of care and have developed life-long relationships with clients with the goal of optimum muscular skeletal health.

JW Sports Physiotherapy also serves as a platform to ensure athletes recover from their illness, injury or even disability via various method which includes massages, exercise and etc.

Child development is also essential when it comes to JW's services. Having the right facilitator to facilitate a child's development is key in order for them to be independent for as long as possible.

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Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)

Monisa come to us after she involved in physiotherapy course for the past 5 years. She graduated from Mahsa university. Monisa was fully certified under Malaysia Physiotherapy Association (MPA)

Monisa’s post graduate studies have led to her developing variety of treatment techniques including trigger point relieve, myofascial release, joint mobilisation, Muscle energy technique. As well as good in exercise providing according to conditions with strengthening and stretching. As additional has completed kinesiology taping technique.



Diploma in Physiotherapy

Adi graduated in physiotherapy on 2014. He has been working with various Malaysia profesional football club since 2014 including JDT FC, Negeri Sembilan Football Association, PJ City Football Club, Terengganu City Football Club and Perlis Football Association.


Adi experts in sport related injury especially in knee and ankle.

Adi responsibility is to help his patient to improve their condition and help the patient return back to sports.

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