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  • most common complaints for kids are poor posture (sitting, standing, or lying down) is usually habitual and makes the spine vulnerable to injury and pain.

  • inappropriate forms of exercise and carrying heavy schoolbags will cause injury as well for kids. 

  • undertake a program to correct the physical reasons for the existence of the poor posture such as Re-establishing awareness of good posture through education and treatment, stretching and strengthening exercise. 

  1. teach children how to sit properly on chair will doing homework or playing games

  2. teach children to stretch themselves

  3. better backpack strategies such as make sure the backpack is worn correctly over both shoulder。

  • 小孩习惯性的不佳姿势(坐着,站立或躺着)使得脊椎容易受伤和疼痛​。

  • 不适当的运动形式和背着沉重的书包也会对小孩造成伤害。

  • 我们会通过教育和治疗,伸展和加强锻炼来重建良好姿势意识。

  1. 教孩子们如何正确坐在椅子上做作业或玩游戏​

  2. 教孩子们伸展运动

  3. 更好的背包策略,例如确保背包在肩膀上正确穿着


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