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Is Dry Needling Same As Acupuncture干针和针灸一样吗???

Is dry needling same as acupuncture? They are similar in the way that both of them using a sterile and single-use filament needle inserted into muscle to assist in pain reduction. However, they are not the same. The main different between both of them are the theory work behind them.

Dry needling is a treatment technique focus on reduction of pain and restoration of function through the release of myofascial trigger point in muscle. The theories of dry needling have been supported by a large number of clinical studies.

In comparison, traditional acupuncture is based on the belief of that health is resolute by a balanced flow of energy (chi) to relieve tension, stress and pain. The choice of traditional acupuncture on acupuncture sites is based on the classic yin and yang concept and meridian theory. This is an important symbol to distinguish between dry needling and traditional acupuncture.

How does dry needling help you?

When a fine filament needle is inserted into the myofascial trigger point, blood pools around the needle triggering the contracted muscle fibres. This helps to relax the muscle by providing those fibres with fresh oxygen and nutrients, and indirectly flush away any additional acidic chemicals. This, in turn, leads to the decompression of the local blood and nerve supply.

Benefit of dry needling

  • Relax Tight Muscles

  • Improve Blood Flow

  • Decrease Pain & Release Neurotransmitters

Improve Joint Movement

Treat Chronic Pain

干针与针灸相同吗? 它们的相似之处在于它们都使用无菌和一次性使用的细丝针插入肌肉中以帮助减轻疼痛。 但是,它们并不相同。 两者之间的主要区别在于它们背后的理论。






  • 放松紧绷肌肉

  • 促进血液循环

  • 减少疼痛与释放神经传递素 (神经细胞用来在相互之间及向肌肉组织传递信号的化学物质)

  • 促进关节移动

  • 治疗长期疼痛

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