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Post Surgery Treatment (手术后康复治疗-Bilateral Total Knee Replacement(双膝关节置换手术)

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Madam TWU come from Pulau Pangkor, Perak, she decided to have Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery after she her daily life activity was affected by the long term knee pain. She came to our centre after her 11 days operation with her walking frame. Her both knee are swelling and she felt very pain when she want to bend and straighten her knee. After a month of physiotherapy treatment, rehabilitation exercise,cooperation and trust from Madam TWU and her families member, she able to walk and up and down staircase independently.

TWU女士来自霹雳州的邦咯岛,在长期双膝长期疼痛影响了日常的生活下,她接受了双膝关节置换手术,她在手术后的第11天用着行走架来到我们的物理治疗中心, 当时她得膝盖肿胀,要弯曲和伸直双脚的动作也很疼痛。经过了大约一个月的物理治疗与康复训练, 加上TWU 女士及家人的配合与信任,TWU女士已经可以独立的行走以及上下楼梯。

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