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Frozen Shoulder 五十肩

🧑Mr Chong 因手腕受伤打了两个月的石膏, 所以他不敢正常运用他的手臂,之后导致他的右手臂提不起来。 初次来我们中心时,他的手臂 向上提只有120度, 侧边提起75度, 跟正常人的180度有很大的差距。 😭😭

他尝试了多种的治疗, 可是没有进展。 这个情况严重影响了他的日常生后, 尤其是当要提高手在高处拿东西。 这个问题也影响了他不能继续打羽球。 😨😨😨

通过我们的检查, 我们发现Mr Chong 患有五十肩的问题。 我们拟定一个治疗方案,包括了徒手治疗, 伸展运动, 电疗以及运动治疗等对Mr Chong的问题对症下药。👩‍⚕️🦸‍♀️ 通过几次的治疗, Mr Chong已经可以把手提起来以及在没有疼痛情况下回到日常生活。。🙋‍♂️😄😄

🧑Mr chong come to us with limited range of motion at his right shoulder after 2 month he on cast for his injury wrist. He can only lift his shoulder from front 120 degree and from side to head he only can lift up to 75 degree while normal people can lift up to head (180%). 😭😭 He claims that he had try many methods to treat this condition but there’s no any improvement and this condition had disturb his daily activity such as take things from high cabinet and etc. This also stop him from playing badminton. 😨😨😨 From our assessment we found out he’s having FROZEN SHOULDER with limitation for him to lift up or rotate his hand. We combine manual therapy, stretching, electrode therapy plus exercise rehabilitation for his treatment. 👩‍⚕️🦸‍♀️ After several sessions of treatment, Mr Chong now able to lift his shoulder and he able to continue his daily activity without pain and limitation. 🙋‍♂️😄😄 Appointment Booking / 预约请联络 ☎️ 017-6827

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