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Pediatric Structural Deformity Series - <Flat Foot Deformity> 先天平足篇 <小儿扁平足>

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

刘弟弟 (10岁) 因为父母发现儿子的脚板异常扁平, 行走不稳, 时常跌倒, 变生了担忧之心.

扁平足指足弓低平或消失导致: • 足底和脚底疼痛与发炎 • 走路呈内八字状鞋跟外侧与鞋底内侧容易磨损而使脚跟受伤 • 无法长时间的行走, 行走不稳, 易跌倒

在游览面子书, JW Sports & Physiotherapy 以及了解我们的治疗服务后便于9/3/2019决定尝试我们的物理治疗和康复训练. 在4次的疗程后,刘弟弟同其父母便开始感觉到脚板的扁平逐渐恢复正常幅度. 10次治疗后, 行走稳定, 不常跌倒, 父母也安心了许多.

Little Brother Low who having a flat foot deformity causes his family worried about him. His family noticed that their son have an unsteady gait and prone to fall down even in the age of 10. Flat Foot Deformity is the reduction or diminished of foot’s arch. It causes: • Foot pain and inflammation • Inversion of the foot (foot turns inward) increasing friction between foot and shoes while walking leading to injury • Unable to walk in long distance, unsteady gait, prone to fall down

The Low’s Family discovered us through our Facebook page, JW Sports & Physiotherapy. On 9/3/2019, Little Brother Low began his 1st treatment after understanding our treatment and rehabilitation plan. After the 4th treatment, Little Brother Low and his family experienced the improvements of foot arch which progressively forming a normal arch. In his 10th treatment, No more unsteady gait, No more prone of falling, No more worries stated by the Low’s family.


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