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De Quervain Disease (狹窄性腱鞘炎)简称-妈妈手

黄小姐因为工作需求导致狹窄性腱鞘炎- 简称(妈妈手)。妈妈手是过度使用大拇指所导致的,例如髮型师、长时间书写、使用滑鼠、打游戏机等,经常反覆使用大拇指者,都是罹患妈妈手的高危一族。

在过去两年内她尝试了不同药物注射和治疗,可是疼痛还是反复的困扰着她。 在朋友的介绍下黄小姐接受了我们的物理治疗和康复训练,现在疼痛已经慢慢消失和受到控制。

Miss Wong suffered De-Quervain disease due to her occupation. De Quervain Disease is caused by overuse of the thumb. Hairstylist, long hour writing, high usage of mouse, play games all are the high risk group to have De Quervain Disease.

In the past two years, Miss Wong had try out several treatment like medication, injection and traditional treatment but the pain still remain and disturbed her daily life. Miss Wong was introduced by her friend to received physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment at our centre and now there's no more pain and the condition is well controlled.

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