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I don't play tennis - so how did I get tennis elbow!! 不打网球也得网球肘!!


The elbow joint is in dull pain, can't lift up the weight at all, even twisting the towel and doorknob also feels very painful like electric shock! You are suspected to have tennis elbow!

Improper movement can also lead to tennis elbows.

Repeated daily cooking, laundry, cooking, basin, and clothes, etc., can cause chronic strain and lead to tennis elbow.

What is tennis elbow?

Lateral epicondylitis, also known as Tennis Elbow, is the most common overuse syndrome in the elbow. It is an injury involving the extensor muscles of the forearm.

Self Diagnosis Tests for Tennis Elbow
  1. Is there any repeated pain at the lateral side of your elbow?

  2. Is there any pain when you hit a backhand shot or similar action?

  3. Is there any radiate pain from the arm down to the wrist?

  4. Will it pain when lifting or flexing your arm, or even when u lift a very light object such as a teacup?

  5. Does the pain last for 6 to 12 weeks, and the discomfort can be last from 3 month to few years?

  6. Does the elbow joint begin to swell?

  7. Poor grip strength?

  8. Can you feel obviously the bone and tenderness

  9. Do you feel sore and mild pain near the elbow joint?


Tennis elbow commonly see in sports such as tennis, squash, badminton, baseball, swimming and field throwing events.

It occurs often in repetitive upper extremity activities such as computer use, heavy lifting, forceful forearm pronation and supination, and repetitive vibration.

People with repetitive one-sides movements in their jobs such as electricians, carpenters, gardeners also commonly present with this condition.

Physiotherapy Management:

*AIM: to reduce pain and improve function

  1. Ice

  2. Joint mobilisation

  3. Manual therapy

  4. Stretching

  5. Strengthening

  6. Electrotherapy

  7. Taping

  8. Brace/ splints/straps


手肘关节隐隐作痛, 完全不能提重物,有时连拧毛巾、扭一下门把手都感觉像触电那么痛!你有可能患上网球肘!




外侧髁炎,也称为网球肘,是手肘部最常见的过度使用综合征。 这是一种涉及前臂伸肌的损伤。


  1. 是否有上臂外侧肘部屈曲的正下方反复疼痛?

  2. 是否有反手击球或做其它类似动作时出现疼痛?

  3. 是否有疼痛可从手臂向下放射到手腕部?

  4. 是否在上举或屈曲胳膊时,或甚至在拿很轻的物体如茶杯时引起疼痛?

  5. 是否疼痛一般持续6~12周,不适可持续短至3周,长至数年?

  6. 是否肘关节开始肿胀?

  7. 是否握物无力?

  8. 是否可摸到骨质的增生隆起,压痛明显?

  9. 是否肘关节附近会出现酸胀和轻微疼痛?




工作中重复性的使用单侧动作的人, 如电工,木匠,木匠,园丁等也常常会出现这种情况。



  1. 冰敷

  2. 关节松动

  3. 徒手治疗

  4. 拉伸运动

  5. 强化肌肉

  6. 电疗

  7. 运动贴

  8. 护腕/夹板/肩带

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