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Cyclist Backpacker With Patella Tendinitis 自行车旅行的背包客双膝髌骨肌腱炎

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Mr. Rowan is a backpacker who love to travel with his bicycle. Due to long hour and long distance cycling, he is facing pain at his both knee cap area. The pain had make him decided to take a break at Johor, Malaysia to receive treatment before he continue his journey. After assessment, we suspected that he has patella tendinitis at both of his knee. His both knee condition is improved after few sessions of treatments with us. Now, he had re-started and continued his bike tour without any pain.

罗恩先生是一个喜欢骑自行车旅行的背包客。 由于长时间长途骑行,导致他的双膝盖受伤疼痛。 这让他决定暂停在马来西亚的柔佛州休息,并接受治疗。 经过评估,我们怀疑他的双膝有髌骨肌腱炎。 在进行了几次的物理治疗后,他的双膝状况得到了改善。 现在,他已经重新出发并继续他的自行车之旅。

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