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Meniscal injury(knee injury) 半月板受伤(膝盖受伤)

Mr Dean Ratcliffe Meniscal injury(knee injury) + muscle tightness -He's a Official British Triathlon coach. He just finish his IronMan event in Langkawi and preparing for his next IronMan event in Australia next week. Dean came to JW Sports Physiotherapy with complain of his knee pain and having difficulty to walk and doing other activity such as cycling. After complete his treatment, he's now able to run and cycle for a longer distance. Mr Dean Ratcliffe 半月板受伤(膝盖受伤) +肌肉紧绷- 他是一个来自英国铁人三项教练. 他刚刚在兰卡威(Langkawi) 完成了他的铁人赛并准备下周在澳大利亚参加另一项铁人赛。 Dean告知他的膝盖痛, 很难走路和做其他活动, 如骑自行车。 两次的治疗后, 他现在能够恢复跑步和骑车更长

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