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Kids Flat Foot Treatment & Coordination Training 儿童扁平足与协调性训练

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Little Bean is 5 year old , she was diagnosed with flat foot on her both leg. Her mum claimed that she always loss her balance when walking and fall. She has abnormal walking pattern and only able to jump when she is 4 years old.

Base on our assessment, her body coordination is very weak and poor core stability muscle. After whole series of customize treatments programs and her parents encouragement,her balance and coordination improve gradually . Now she is able to jump without falling.

JW will continue to adhere to our mission to guide children to grow up healthily!

小豆豆今年五岁,她的双脚都是属于扁平。 小豆豆的母亲说她经常走路时会跌倒,还有觉得她走路的姿势也很不正常,经过治疗师的诊断, 她除了双足都是扁平的,她的协调性也比较弱 导致她常跌倒。



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